Why You Need To Eat Fat To Lose Weight

What’s the best diet for weight loss? Do you cut all carbs? Go low-fat? The obvious answer is just to eat less calories than you expend, however if you read my post on why you have stubborn areas of fat, you’ll know it’s not really that simple.
It may seem like an absurd statement; that eating fat can actually contribute to losing fat, but it’s one that is becoming more and more recommended by health and fitness experts as the optimum way to lose weight. Here’s how dietary fats are a key component to your success in losing weight and achieving your body goals and what i’ve been using to ensure I get the right balance of fats and nutrients in my diet.


1. Eating Fat Enhances Your Body’s Ability To Burn Fat

When you eat fat, your body produces a hormone called adiponectin which is a fat-burning hormone that enhances your metabolism and increases the rate in which your body breaks down fat as well as curbing your appetite. Lower-fat diets lead to lower levels of adiponectin, meaning your body can’t metabolise fat as efficiently.


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2. Eating Fat Makes You Feel Fuller For Longer

Traditionally low calorie diets which deny you foods such as avocado, salmon, nuts and oils can leave you feeling really bloody hungry! There’s nothing worse than trying to eat healthily in an attempt to lose weight and just being hungry all the time, which is one of the reasons so many people ditch their attempts at dieting so soon. Eating fat however has a satiating effect, as when the fat reaches your small intestines, hormones such as CKK and PYY are released, which both play a major role in appetite and satiety. (Source)


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3. Eating Fat and Therefore Less Carbs Reduces Levels Of Insulin – The Fat Storing Hormone

When we eat carbohydrates, the body releases insulin to convert this into energy, however eating too much sugar or higher levels of carbohydrates often lead to more insulin being produced and the body having to store the extra energy as body fat, causing you to put on weight. If you eat higher levels of fat in your diet, you are therefore displacing the amount of carbohydrates you’d usually eat (unless you are still eating lots of carbohydrates, which are not an ideal combination with fats if you’re trying to lose weight!). This ketogenic type of diet creates an optimal fat-loss environment in your body as lower overall insulin levels mean the body reaches to its fat stores for energy. (Source)



How Else Does Eating Fat Benefit You?

Now, here’s one thing that must be clear. When I say eating fat, I don’t mean go and wolf down a lump of lard. That would be a) Extremely unenjoyable and b) not at all beneficial! You do need to be careful with the amount you are eating as well, as fat does contain a higher proportion of calories than protein and carbohydrates (9 calories per gram as opposed to 5 calories per gram) so bear this in mind when you are planning your meals. Luckily fat makes you feel fuller so you won’t need to eat as much!

The kinds of good fats your body wants and needs are present in fish, nuts, avocados and oils such as Udo’s Choice Ultimate oil blend.


Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend

When Steph and I attended the Body Power Expo a couple of weeks ago at the Birmingham NEC, we stumbled across Udo’s Choice – a company whose mission is to increase the amount of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) people eat to improve not only their overall health, but skin, hair, concentration and sporting performance. We were immediately drawn to their stand because of their slogan:

Eat Fat, Get Fit

Chatting through our body goals with the Udo’s Choice team, we discovered how their Ultimate Oil Blend  can help you break through your ‘Carb Addiction Cycle’ by stabilising your blood sugar levels and helping you to feel fuller for longer. Obviously as a fully confessed Sugar Addict, this made my ears prick up immediately and so we were intent on trying out Udo’s Choice Oil for ourselves.

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Our Verdict

We have now been using the oil for a couple of weeks, adding it to some of our meals each day either in our porridge, iced coconut milk coffee, as a salad dressing or in smoothies. Both of us really love the taste and think it especially improves the taste of salads! We’ve noticed that since taking the oil, we have felt fuller and more satisfied after eating – I am even snacking less than usual without trying to, which is almost unheard of!

We’ve also both noticed an improvement in our nails, which are stronger and have grown much faster than usual and wasn’t something I expected to see at all, as my nails are very brittle and prone to flaking and breakage. I’d always resigned myself to a life of non-glamourous hands, but i’m now very much enjoying typing this with the clickity-clack sounds of my gorgeous and healthy nails on the keyboard!

It apparently takes around 8 weeks for you to notice a real difference in your hair and skin but even after 3 weeks I’ve noticed a big difference in the overall health and appearance of mine.

At this stage it’s too soon to see if i’ve lost any weight, as well as my running the Stockholm Marathon last week (and therefore consuming loads of carbs and sugar!). I’ll be posting again soon to report back on this progress and won’t otherwise change my routine or eating habits to see exactly how well it works for me.

I have also been taking the Udo’s Choice probiotics and can’t believe how much they have reduced my bloating! In the past, I would try and get rid of bloating by doing a teatox, however i’m quite worried at how much these can actually have long term side effects for my overall digestive health (many people have complained of becoming very constipated after doing a Teatox, as it messes with their regular bowel movements).

If you’re looking for an easy way to add some good and healthy fats to your diet, then Udo’s Choice should definitely be your choice too.


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