Welcome To My New Blog!

Well hello there and thanks for dropping in to my brand spanking new blog! I’ve been so excited to launch Sylvie’s Suitcase and I hope you like the look and feel of my new brand.

I guess I need to explain myself a little here and why I’ve made this big move, because although I’ve been planning and preparing for this change for months, I understand there might be some questions about why I’ve done such a massive rebrand.

I’m going to rewind 3 years and tell you about how it all started for me. I began writing my blog in 2014 because I wanted a little corner of the internet to express myself on. As you may not know (or do from my Instagram!) I have three beautiful little bunnies and so when I first started blogging, I called myself Cotton Tales… you know kinda like cotton tails, but a pun on the word tales because they were my fluffy stories. I loved it, but the only problem I had early on was realising that even though Cotton Tales is kind of unusual, the social handles weren’t available.

Word of advice if you’re starting a blog: Make sure the social handles are available BEFORE you buy your domain!

Cotton Tales was fine for me as well because it could be about anything, which at the time was what I wanted my blog to be. I was creating lifestyle content and blogging about all sorts, from my opinion on celebrities ‘grammy dresses to ping pong shows in Thailand. However, as time went on, I realised that I was developing my own passion for travel through blogging and soon enough, 90% of my content was travel focused.

When I quit my job to go travelling, it was pretty much 100% travel with foodie and certain fashion posts still cropping up occasionally.

uk travel blogger leeds


So now we’re here in 2017 and although I haven’t made any resolutions, I have made plans. My plan is to make my blog an inspiring hub for travel; whether you’re planning a huge round the world trip or just a short weekend getaway. My aim is to cover all the handy information you need to have the best time of your life!

I therefore realised that to really be taken seriously by you guys as well as the travel industry, that I needed to create a strong brand image that ties in with what i’m talking about clearly and effectively.

After doing a twitter poll in December, I settled on the most popular name chosen by you guys which was, Sylvie’s Suitcase!

I really love the new brand because a suitcase is such a fun yet mysterious thing. Opening it up can reveal all sorts of hidden gems, but it’s also really practical and useful to have. The metaphor of travel is really important to me too, but what made me even happier was the fact that I could now have a consistent name across ALL my social handles!

What you can expect from my blog from now on are destination guides, travel tips, packing guides, foodie recommendations and of course tons of pictures from where i’ve been. As ever, if you have a question regarding travel or blogging, just drop me a comment or tweet me. I’m always happy to help you guys out and love being able to contribute something creative and useful to the internet!

Thank you so much for reading, can’t wait for you to come along on the adventure.


uk travel blogger leeds on suitcase