A Weekend Away To Nelson Bay

Since moving to Australia, I’ve been hyper-focused on settling in to my new job, life and making Sydney my new home. It’s left me neglecting my blog for a few months, which is regrettable but was sadly one of those things that happened as I came to building my new life down here.

Weird though right? I thought i’d be blogging more, with so much more potential content and exciting activities to share.

To be honest, I’ve been living my life similarly to back home – except on weekends I’d be sunbathing, seeing new friends and hiking in the sunshine rather than constantly wishing I was somewhere else.

But after a while I began to miss why I started blogging in the first place.

I love the sense of adventure, creativity and excitement it gives me.

So a couple of weeks ago, we took a little road trip up the coast to Nelson Bay, a holiday town around 3 hours drive north of Sydney and famous for it’s expansive sand dunes, wild dolphins and beautiful beaches.

Here’s a short and sweet video of our weekend, where we visited Stockton Sand Dunes, One Mile beach and Fingal Bay beach.

We even saw a little penguin swimming in the water and managed to follow it with the drone for a while! Super cute.

We stayed in an Air BnB property just off Victoria Parade, which is the main road in Nelson Bay. I recommend staying here, although not in the property we stayed in (because they didn’t even provide bedding and our keys didn’t work!) because the main shops and restaurants a very close by and you have a gorgeous western sunset to enjoy in the evening.