Twenty Trips To Take In Your Twenties

There’s no such thing as being too old to travel, so you might be wondering why I’m writing this as if there’s some sort of deadline. I’m not, but there is something really magical about being in your twenties as we are young, full of excitement and relatively free of responsibilities! That’s why I quit my job to go travelling, because being in your twenties is a time of opportunity, not being tied down to ‘proper adult life’. But then again hey, what’s to say being a proper adult isn’t going off and exploring the world on your own anyway! Life’s not all about mortgages and careers you know…


20. USA Roadtrip

California Route 1 Pacific Highway

The epitome of cool; the embodiment of adventure; a road trip round the USA in your twenties is one escapade you’ll remember well into your old age!

One route I highly recommend is driving San Francisco to LA via the Pacific Highway.

19. Full Moon Party, Thailand

full moon party


You’ve either already done this one, heard about it or are going soon. Either way, it’s an unmissable experience that just wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t in your twenties… Koh Phangan is literally so much fun and a pilgrimage here is like a rite of passage for backpackers. Believe the hype.

18. Backpacking Europe

Riomaggiore Cinque Terre

Compared to the vast size of America and Australia, Europe is extremely accessible to travel around. There’s also a huge contrast of cultures, history and beautiful scenery that are only a short train journey away from each other.

A must see is definitely the Cinque Terre region in Italy as well as Paris, Venice, Budapest and Prague.


17. Sailing Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay

Halong Bay is a  UNESCO World Heritage site in Vietnam that pictures will never truly do justice. Take a junk boat cruise through the thousands of little islands and explore the incredible caves and floating villages.

Want more Ha Long Bay Travel tips? Read Here.

16. Learn to Dive, Gili Trawangan Indonesia

Diving Gili Trawangan

Learning to dive is a must-do for your twenties! Exploring the underwater world is an experience like no other and it’s a skill you will cherish for life. I learned to dive in Gili T, Indonesia and swam with turtles, sharks and the world’s most beautiful tropical fish.


15. Party in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Party guide

I’d always imagined Las Vegas to be really tacky and grimy. How wrong I was; the Strip is all-American glamour and opulence. No expense is spared here and it’s well and truly Disneyland for Adults. You need to experience Vegas in your twenties – the parties are insane!

14. Travel the East Coast Of Australia

backpacking australia

Backpacking the East Coast of Australia is another rite of passage you absolutely have to do in your twenties, I mean where else can you combine beaches, parties and meeting kangaroos? Hit the road with your friends and fall in love with the Aussie lifestyle… trust me it’ll be so hard to come home! Byron Bay is one of my favourite places on earth so make sure you stop by and chill out for some lazy days on the beach.

13. Trek to Machu Picchu

machu picchu

This is so high on my bucket list it’s basically the handle! Machu Picchu is an ancient Inca citadel in the Andes Mountains of Peru. It was built in the 15th century and even today, no one knows exactly what it was used for… it has remained abandoned for hundreds of years, but with views as breathtaking as these there are treks and excursions you can take to visit…

12. Coachella Festival


Every April, I get serious wanderlust and festival envy when my Instagram feed fills up with photos from Coachella! As if California could get any better, this music festival just makes me want move out there even more… one day I will be under those palm trees!

11. Island Hopping in Fiji

Fiji Yasawas

Experience Polynesian paradise and stripped back island living in Fiji. Hop between the 333 different islands and spend your days snorkelling, sunbathing, swimming with manta rays and lazing under the hot Fijian sun. Just make sure you’re wearing Factor 50 because that guy seriously burns here!


10. Carnival – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

carnival rio de janeiro

This world famous festival held before Lent every year in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil is considered the biggest carnival in the world. It’s been held since 1723 and every year the outfits and floats get wilder and more extravagant… wouldn’t you just love to experience it? It’s definitely on my bucket list of trips to do in my twenties.


9. Hideout Festival, Croatia

hideout sunrise

Seeing as I’m on a bit of a Festival Theme at the moment, I’ve got to mention Hideout Festival in Croatia. I’ve been twice now and it’s one of the more unforgettable weeks of my life. Read my Tips on Hideout Festival here.

8.  Family Vacation

family holiday

One of the things I love most about being in my twenties, is being friends with my parents. We’re not just a Parent/Daughter unit anymore and I love spending time with them.


7. Shopping In New York City

new york city shopping

Channel your inner SATC girl and spend a weekend shopping in NYC. If all you could afford was the flights to get here, then just wander around and experience the city you’ve watched and read about for years. New York is super cool and it’s definitely a trip you need to take in your twenties.

6. Do Yoga In Bali


It’s amazing when you travel and find a place that you feel completely and utterly content in. I had the feeling while we were in Ubud and it’s probably down to the amount of yoga we were doing at The Yoga Barn… Ubud is also home to some delicious vegan and organic cafes so you can truly detox your body and mind while you’re here… I can’t wait to come back again.


5. Ski in the Alps

skiing austria

Like diving, there’s just no other feeling quite like skiing. Being on top of a mountain in the crisp air, with the warm sun dazzling you as you glide your way through fresh powder is definitely the best thing about winter. If you haven’t tried skiing before then your twenties are your time to give it a whirl! Go now before you end up having kids’ ski schools to pay for too…

4. Explore Hong Kong

hong kong temple

Hong Kong is so many things rolled into one. It’s a crazy, wild party, a sophisticated shopping mecca and a buzzing financial district and centre of commerce. It’s also basically China lite, which makes it a really intriguing fusion of East and West. I loved Hong Kong and there’s so much to see and do here…I’ll have a blog post coming up very soon with my top tips!

3. Girls(Or Boys!) Only  Holiday

girls only holiday

Your twenties are without a doubt the BEST time to go on numerous Girls (or Boys) Only holidays. Make the most of the precious moments you have with your friends where you all have the time and the money to do something together. Wherever you’re heading to, it’ll be the adventure of a lifetime.

2. Have an Adventure in New Zealand

milford sounds

Speaking of adventures, make sure you visit New Zealand in your twenties. Whether you backpack as part of a group, go solo or with your other half; New Zealand will just take your breath away.

1. Travel Alone

skiathos greece

 Going on a solo trip in your twenties might seem daunting, but trust me it’s not! So many people travel alone and if there’s somewhere you want to go but no one who wants to go with you, then so what! Do whatever you want that makes you happy and explore the world. You won’t regret it.

Where do you want to travel to most? Leave me a comment below! Remember, if you have any questions about any of these destinations or where I’ve been then I’ll be happy to answer them xx