Trespass Walking Boots Review

When we were asked by Trespass whether we’d like to review their outdoor footwear, we knew that our upcoming trip to the Cinque Terre would be the perfect opportunity for us to do so. We both needed a good pair of walking boots to keep us comfortable and supported over three long days on our feet and also required the footwear to be lightweight, easy to put on and with a style that looked good.

Trespass sent us two different types of shoe, with Steph choosing the Jamima Womens Running Trainers and Sylvie opting for the Suede Grey Walking Boots.



trespass walking boots


When we tried on our boots for the first time, Steph was concerned that the trainers would not support her ankles well on a hike, because they are trainers as opposed to boots. However when we set out on our hikes between the Cinque Terre, these worries quickly evaporated (unlike our sweat!) The hikes were on very uneven and rocky terrain, with steep inclines however the trainers provided excellent support and comfort.

The trainers were sturdy yet springy and look more feminine than normal hiking boots. We were also both delighted not to experience any blisters or discomfort even after 12 hour days of hiking and without having worn them in.

trespass jamima


For Sylvie, the boots had excellent grip when navigating uneven paths and were easy to slip on and lace up at the start of the day. However, although they are lightweight, they are much bulkier looking than the trainer shoes and also felt heavier on Sylvie’s feet. The boots fit rather oddly around the heels as well, as it felt like there was a slight lack of support around the heel yet both ankles were very secure.

Upon reflection, this could have been because the boots (tested in size 39, UK size 6) were slightly too big for Sylvie, who normally wears between a size 38-39 shoe.


suede grey walking boots


Overall, we thought the Trainers were the best shoe for our needs and we’d recommend them to anyone looking for a good starting pair of walking shoes that look good and won’t break the bank!