Where To Go For A White Christmas In Europe

Ever since I was little, I’ve always longed for us to have a wintery White Christmas. Although in the UK, we’re sometimes lucky to get a sprinkle of snow, we’re tragically far more likely to get wind and rain rather than the magical winter scenes of legendary Christmases.

So if you’re fed up of the slush and are after the real deal; authentic, Bing Crosby style scenes of glistening tree tops and sleigh bells in the snow, then luckily you don’t need to venture very far at all. There’s some of the most beautiful Christmas destinations right here in Europe, with the most magical traditions.

Here’s my pick of the best destinations in Europe to visit for an unforgettable White Christmas…



Stockholm, Sweden

Dining in candlelit cafes, visiting the Christmas markets and hearing carol singers are all part of what makes Stockholm such a magical place at Christmas time. But more importantly, you’re highly likely to get snow and experience a Swedish white christmas!

One thing to note is that it will be very, very cold! So make sure you wear a down jacket, waterproof boots and wrap up in lots of layers.

white christmas stockholm


St Anton, Austria

If you’re guaranteed a white Christmas anywhere in the world, it’s a ski resort. St Anton is one of the most magical places to celebrate, with warm cosy chalets, large roaring fires and bountiful snow creating a beautiful winter scene to feel all festive in. The best part is, you can go skiing!

In Germany and Austria, in fact in most European countries the main Christmas meal is eaten on Christmas Eve and it’s also traditional to give gifts on Christmas Eve. If your heart’s set on Turkey with all the trimmings, then most chalets will provide this the English way.

white christmas austria

Helsinki, Finland

The land of the midnight sun, is sadly also the land of the never-ending night… in winter that is. Having said that, although sunlight hours are few and far between, the glistening white snow and winter lights make it a magical place to spend Christmas. You can also go to visit Santa in Lapland up north – before he heads off around the world to deliver presents that is!

helsinki white christmas

Reykjavik, Iceland


Seeing as the snow sets in around September time, you’re absolutely guaranteed a White Christmas in Iceland. With the Christmas markets at Ingólfstorg,  the special Christmas Village at Hafnarfjörðu and if you’re lucky, the northern lights – you’re probably also guaranteed a magical Christmas in Iceland.

Taking a trip to the blue lagoon would also be a unique way to spend Christmas Eve.

white christmas iceland

Prague, Czech Republic

Thanks to its beautiful gothic architecture, Christmas markets and a very high chance of snow, Prague is a wonderful place to celebrate the Christmas holidays. You’ll feel as if you’ve been transported into a Disney film, especially if you visit the Old Town Square Christmas market (the oldest Christmas market in the country).

white christmas prague


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