Where To Travel When The Pound Is Weak

For years, we’ve had the luxury of a great exchange rate when travelling. When I visited New York a few years ago, I got $2 for every £1 I exchanged. I shopped like crazy, believe me!

Even in the Euro zone, we could get €1.40 to the £1 and therefore prices in even the most expensive touristy areas didn’t seem so bad.

But fast forward to 2016 and the outlook is pretty bleak for our beloved Pound. For exporters this is great news, but for holiday makers and travellers it’s most likely going to leave us short when exchanging money.

exchange rates


So where are the best places to travel when the pound is weak, to make sure you get the most for your money?

Here are my recommendations:


The Vietnamese Dong (yes really) has stayed steady against the pound for years and with an exchange rate of 27000 Dong to the £1, it’s safe to say you’ll fare well in Vietnam.


vietnamese dong

Not only is the exchange rate excellent, Vietnam is also very budget friendly where accommodation and daily food can cost you less than £10 a day. From Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi, you can find street food vendors that sell pho for 10,000 dong (yes that’s 30p).


Vietnamese Phở

Pho is traditional vietnamese soup and is so delicious! It’s actually better from these street food places than in a restaurant, however if you do dine in restaurants you won’t pay anywhere near western prices for some of the best tasting cuisine in the world.

Vietnam is also rich in culture, history and beautiful scenery. Check out my post on Vietnam here.

Ha Long Bay

Flights from the UK are currently £330 (London- Ho Chi Minh) on Sky Scanner.


South Africa

Another great shout for a good exchange rate is South Africa, where (at the time of writing) you can get 17.45 Rand to the £1. Although it has dropped recently, it’s still at much higher levels than it was in 2012 and 2013.

exchange rate

If you’re on a budget, you can travel in South Africa for around £28 a day including accommodation and food.

A huge draw for travelling in South Africa is to do a safari tour, which range in price from £500-£1500 depending on what level of luxury you’re after!

Flights from the UK are currently £374 (Manchester – Johannesburg) on Sky Scanner.

south africa



The Indian Rupee has also stayed pretty steady against the pound, which is great news for us Brits!

exchange rate

I’m dying to go to India and visit Delhi, the Taj Mahal and practice yoga in Mysore. If you fancy a beach break, Goa is world famous for beautiful beaches and warm turquoise waters.


goa beach

Flights to India can also be also low as £350, depending on the time of year you travel (and how long a stopover you’re willing to make on the way!). Seeing as the price of going to Greece in summer from the UK can be upwards of £300, I think that’s pretty good going.



As you can tell, i’m making a lot of long haul suggestions. But why not take advantage of the weak pound and go somewhere completely different where the exchange rate doesn’t make you wince!?

The Peruvian Nuevo Sol (PEN) has been steady against the pound for years and you’ll get on average 4 PEN to the pound right now.


PEN Exchange rate


In a country where you can eat out for less than £2 a meal, explore the Amazon and see Machu Picchu, i’d say Peru is a pretty awesome destination for 2016/17. Travelling in the shoulder seasons of April/May and September/October will make your trip even more pocket friendly.



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