Thrifty Travel: Tips For Budget Trips


If making your money last until pay day is a struggle every month, then trust me – I know your pain! The thought of saving up to travel might seem a bit unreachable, but it needn’t be. My post about how I saved to go travelling might help you out with some practical tips on how you can save.

But what about when you’re on the road? Saving up to get your plane ticket and accommodation is one thing, it can be a very distinct, other ball game to make your money last!

Here’s some thrifty tips to help you out if you’re travelling on a budget, that don’t mean sacrificing your experience or fun.

How To Save Money On Food

One of the biggest, and most unnecessary large costs while you’re travelling is eating out for every meal. This is especially true if you’re eating in ‘tourist’ areas, as the prices at these restaurants and cafes can often be up to 30% higher than elsewhere.

To save money, treat yourself to one meal out a day and prepare your other meals with groceries you’ve bought from local markets or supermarkets.

Your hotel, hostel or Air B’n’B accommodation will definitely have a fridge so that you can store any perishable items, but in case you don’t have a kitchen; pack a tupperware box, fork, knife, spoon and tin opener so you can prepare meals on the go.

When you do eat out, try restaurants down the side streets. The food is often better anyway and much cheaper than on the front or around tourist attractions.

Take advantage of your Bed and Breakfast (if it’s included). I always like to make myself a little sandwich to take out for lunch. 2 meals for 1. Bingo.


How To Save Money On Transport

Taking the train and bus are not only really cheap to travel around on (unlike here in the UK!), they’re also brilliant for enjoying a scenic, authentic journey around a city and indeed, a country.

With a bit of planning, you can be sure of your route, best ticket prices and where to go; so getting public transport really won’t be as much of a headache as you fear it might be.

If you do prefer to hire a car and you’ve got plenty of time before you travel; book the car well in advance. I’ve saved hundreds of pounds by booking hire cars 6 months before the travel date.

Are you seeing a pattern here? The golden rule of budget travel is really good planning!

italy train travel

How To Save Money On Attractions

Again, research is key here. You may find that certain museums and galleries are free; so these are obvious choices for budget travellers.

However, advance booking and museum passes can also offer you discounted entry to not just one, but multiple attractions so are well worth it.

Travelling in the off-peak season won’t just save you money on your flights and accommodation; you’ll also notice a difference in the prices of attractions so if you’re needing to be extra thrifty, book your trip accordingly.


crystal castle

How To Save Money On Your Phone Bill

Roaming charges are an absolute joke. Even with the reductions coming into play this summer, they are still extortionate even for those with fatter wallets.

To save money on your phone bill while abroad, get your phone unlocked before you go away. Your network will do this for you, if you don’t fancy going down to your local market!

When you arrive at your destination, buy a local, pay as you go sim card. This will include data, calls and texts and allows you to use your phone as you would at home; without costly roaming charges.

Your number won’t change for apps such as What’sApp or Snapchat either 🙂

Telaway USA Sim card phone abroad

How To Save Money On…Your Money

I’ve raved about it before and i’ll do it again; The Revolut card is an absolute dream for travellers. Read more about it here and how it will save you TONS of cash while you’re exchanging your money abroad.

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