Things To Do In Dubrovnik

Continuing from my post on Dubrovnik Old Town, here are some more great things to see and do in Dubrovnik!

Taking a trip on the cable car to the top of the hill which overlooks Dubrovnik’s Old Town and meandering coastal region is well worth the 110 kunas (£11) and 20 minute queue to get up there. I would advise you to try and get to the cable car as early as possible before the cruise passengers disembark for their morning’s activities, as the city is bustling with tourists from all over the world and the most popular activities, such as the City Walls walk and the Cable Car lookout are extremely busy.


Dubrovnik Cable Car

The panoramic views of Dubrovnik are absolutely breath taking and I find it is always a humbling experience to be on top of a mountain, looking down on the magnificent structures made by both nature and man.

dubrovnik lookout


There is also a museum dedicated to the Yugoslavian conflict of 1991-1995 on the top of this hill which was an eye-opening experience to us as we had so little awareness of the war that had devastated Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia so recently.

For prices and more information on the Dubrovnik Cable Car, click here.


Beach Clubs

Dubrovnik also has some fabulous islands and beaches that you can visit during your stay. Unfortunately we did not have enough time to explore the surrounding islands, which are easily accessible by local boat, we did however enjoy a relaxing afternoon at East West beach club which overlooks the Old Town while we soaked up the sun.


east west


You can get a big double sunbed here with towels and water for 300 kuna for 2 people (£30). Considering that in resorts such as Marbella and Ibiza, it costs you upwards of £50 for one single bed per person, this is great value if you feel like a bit of luxury sunbathing on your holiday!

Although East West transforms from a beach club and restaurant into a nightclub after sunset, I would recommend the bars in the Old Town as a more sophisticated and suitable night out for such a beautiful location.




Game Of Thrones Tour

Did you know that Dubrovnik is the inspiration and set for King’s Landing in Game Of Thrones? It’s no wonder the producers of the smash hit TV show chose Dubrovnik, with its beautiful, medieval  fortress, enchanting architecture and haunting location.

You can do a walking tour that takes in all the Game Of Thrones locations, such as this one.


Luza Square

You can’t miss Luza Square on your trip to Dubrovnik. In the heart of the old town, this is a really great meeting point and place to people watch. It’s the home of the historic Sponza Palace, St Blaise Church, and city Bell Tower.

Luza square also hosts many processions and events throughout the year, such as Dubrovnik’s Summer Festival.


luza square

Check out my next post on where we ate in Dubrovnik.


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things to do in dubrovnik