New Vlog: 20 Mistakes All Travellers Make

So I feel a little late to the game with this, but after some requests from you lovely lot on Twitter, I’ve decided to really start up my Youtube channel this year. I’ve always posted video montages of my travels and love video editing, but never really vlogged before… but new year, new me and all that jazz so here I am, entering the world of Youtube head first…

In this vlog, I wanted to touch on the many mistakes first-time and frequent travellers tend to make and that I’ve definitely learned from over the years I’ve travelled! Honestly they’re so easily done and some of it is pretty simple common sense, like keeping emergency money on you and making sure you don’t take your passport out with you when you’re drunk! But if you’re heading on a trip or if you’ve just come back from one and fancy a laugh – then definitely give this a watch!

How many of these travel mistakes have you made?



I hope you liked this video! Check out my channel for travel tips as well as vlogs from my adventures.