My All New Travel Bucket List

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I filled up my backpack, tied up my laces and jetted off on the most epic round-the-world adventure of all time. I’ve been lucky to have some awesome travel moments in 2016 too, but i’m getting seriously itchy feet and wanting to take off all over again.

After much time spent wanderlusting on Pinterest and travel blogs, I’ve compiled my new bucket list for 2017 and beyond… Which ones of these have you already done? Or have you found new places to add to your bucket list too!

1. Skiing In  Japan

I’ve had to sacrifice my ski holidays over the last couple of years while I was saving up for my other travels. But I can’t go any longer and 2017 makes the perfect opportunity to go skiing somewhere completely different. Japan has some of the best powder in the world, as well as natural hot springs in the Ski resorts of Nagano Prefecture. There’s even monkey’s that come to bathe in the warm waters!


japan skiing

2. Diving in Mexico

I’m Mexico-obsessed and after learning to dive in the Gili islands, I can’t wait to get underwater again. Mexico has some of the world’s most beautiful diving as well as under water sculpture park! It’s definitely a high priority for my 2017 travel wish list. I’m dying to visit Tulum and see all of the Mayan ruins!


marine park mexico


3. Cocktails In Cuba

Now that the US and Cuba have lifted their decades-long trade embargo, the charm and pizazz of old-world Havana are surely going to be changing a whole lot very soon. Riding in a 50s car and seeing the birthplace of the Mojito are absolutely top of my wanderlust wish list.


cuba havana

4. Witnessing The Northern Lights In Iceland

As well as the blue lagoon, Iceland is famous for being one of the best and only places in the world to be dazzled by the northern lights, otherwise known as the Aurora Borealis. They are caused by electric particles from the sun colliding with oxygen and nitrogen when they hit the earth’s atmosphere and can be seen near the earth’s magnetic poles (so there’s the southern lights too!)


northern lights


5. Yoga in Sri Lanka

As much as I would love to go to the Maldives, I think i’d get bored there after a week. For me, the queen of the Indian Ocean is Sri Lanka, a beautiful island home to ancient buddhist temples, turtles, elephants and incredible beaches. I’ve found a couple of Yoga and Surf retreats here and i’m desperate immerse myself in them soon!


yoga sri lanka


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  • I’m deffo with you on the Diving in Mexico. I’ve been wanting to diving there for quite a while now specially as you may have a chance of seeing Whale Sharks!
    Leonie ♥ Lo On The Go