I’ve got big news… I’m moving to Australia!

Two years’ ago, I made a life changing decision to quit my full time job and travel the world. It was without a doubt the best decision I ever made and i’ve written lots about why I chose to travel here. So now, almost two years’ to the date I am heading off again, but this time it’s for good.

I absolutely love the UK. It’s my home and being away on the road does make you realise what a great country it is to live in and adventure in. Apart from the weather, it’s a pretty brilliant and beautiful country with incredible architecture and a rich history, but I’ve lived in the UK my whole life bar a couple of backpacking adventures that have taken me away for a few months at a time.

So now, I’ve had the opportunity to do something big. Something I’ve wanted to do for years but never seemed to find the chance. So here’s my big announcement; James and I are moving to Sydney, Australia in less than a month’s time!

I don’t have a job sorted, i’m just kind of winging it! But that’s what makes the move so exciting. I’m going over on a working holiday visa and will be blogging about the move and what it’s like finding a job/apartment/adapting to a new life down under.

I promise it’s not just because I want to skip winter this year (although the prospect of beaches, sunshine and an actual summer that isn’t just a cold monsoon season like we get in England is very appealing).


So why Australia?

Well having visited Australia not long back, I kind of fell in love with the country. The natural beauty, way of outdoor living and super chilled out, friendly people are just some of the reasons why I felt completely at home in this faraway land that i’d never visited before.

I love to travel and see and experience new things, but had never considered actually living so far from home before. But, I’m a firm believer that you should push boundaries in life and with yourself. For me, that means getting out of my comfort zone, which includes a 9-5 job and living for the weekend.

Right now, all around me people are settling down. And you know what, that is fine. I am totally down for marriage and babies and definitely want that one day. Just not today.

Today, I want to feel I’m making the most of my twenties. Today, I want to throw caution to the wind and just get on a plane and go. Today, I want to go on adventure with James and make amazing memories together, so that when we do settle down to have kids we have some awesome stories to tell them about their fun, fearless parents.

Maybe i’m being a bit Peter Pan about it all. I am 27 (almost 28) after all. But then again, age is just a number and right now we are in a youthful and advantageous position to be able to get up and go without too much baggage.

At this age and with our work experience, we now have something to offer companies that we didn’t aged 18. This isn’t just gallivanting to the other side of the world for more sunshine, it’s also a chance to further my career and my confidence in a totally new way.

I always felt like i’ve been town between the ‘career’and the ‘carefree’ side of my personalities. They often tug at each other, pulling my confused mind in all sorts of directions. But with this move, they’re both happy. I’m satisfying both personal goals, which I’m telling you right now feels amazingly exciting.

So here goes.

Have you ever felt like moving away, or have you taken the leap yourself and moved to Australia/New Zealand/anywhere else in the world! I’d love to hear from you.