Magnitone Barefaced Cleansing Brush Review

My skincare routine has always been pretty basic, as although I know how important it is to properly cleanse, tone and moisturise, the very commanding, lazy part of me just can’t be bothered to spend more than 5 minutes on a weeknight doing so, as my soft and cosy bed beckons me to crawl beneath the folds of the duvet instead.

However, I’d noticed a lot of beauty bloggers using cleansing brushes in their Vlogs and posts about skincare and so when Magnitone offered for me to review their BareFaced Cleansing brush, I was totally intrigued to see what the hype was all about.

The BareFaced Cleansing brush promises to deep cleanse your pores and tone your skin with its vibrating brush head, which they call a ’60 second workout for your skin’ as there is an inbuilt timer that beeps every 20 seconds to remind you to move onto the next area of your face (now that does appeal to my lazy side!)

So, does it do what it says on the very pretty box? Well, after my first use of the Magnitone BareFaced cleansing brush, I noticed that my skin was a little pink and felt almost ‘buffed’ after I’d cleansed. This allowed for my moisturiser to sink in really nicely after toning and my skin definitely felt fresh when I went to bed.

magnitone buzz face

After three days my skin felt distinctly smoother. I don’t really suffer badly from spots and only get them around a certain time of the month on my chin, but I do find I get these little bumps on the edge of my face – especially on my cheeks and forehead. They’re only noticeable to me and mostly only to touch, but they’d always annoyed me and no facial I’ve ever had has been able to do anything about them, so I was delighted that my skin felt much smoother after using the cleansing brush on these ‘problem’ areas and my little pimply friends were significantly reduced in number.

It’s now been a week since i’ve started using the cleansing brush (although I did forget to cleanse one night – the bed, you know) and I think my face looks and feels much brighter and smoother. The condition of my skin feels great and even though i’ve been on holiday this week and slathering myself in oily suncream, I haven’t broken out in spots and I think the cleansing brush has really helped in ridding my skin of any residue build up.

At £70 a pop, they are on the pricey side however so if you’re someone that forgets to cleanse or aren’t that bothered about skincare, it probably isn’t for you. However, if you really want to make a difference to your face and skin condition, I wholeheartedly recommend adding the BareFaced Cleansing Brush to your routine as it’s made one hell of a difference to me.

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Have you tried a cleansing brush? What are your thoughts! Leave me a comment below.

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  • I am trialling mine at the moment – like you said after first use I definitely felt ‘buffed’!! Going to give it a week and see how i get on! I loved the pink but fancied a change so went for mint green. Love the post 🙂