How To Use Your Mobile Phone in the USA – And Save Money!

Technology has changed a LOT since the last time we went travelling. When we first went to South East Asia there was no one using What’s App or FaceTime, no Instagram and no Snapchat. We had crappy little Nokia 3310s as we didn’t want to lose our Blackberry Bolds (lol) so all we could do was text or call for a very high premium or use a payphone.

Although nowadays using your phone in the USA is more accessible as there are WIFI spots almost everywhere, it can still be very expensive to make calls back home and within the US, so we were keen to find a way that we could use our mobile phones as we would at home, without the nasty surprise of a huge bill! After some research, we discovered a couple of companies that offer roaming SIM cards in the USA, but the one that particularly stood out for us was Telaway, who offer full data packages that include calls within the USA and also back home to the UK.

If you’ve been wondering how we’ve been snap chatting, tweeting and instagramming while we’ve been in the US, our secret is Telaway as we’ve had great 4G coverage pretty much everywhere we’ve been. The only place we had no service was in Yosemite National Park, but that was because of the remoteness of the mountain range and was in keeping with the peace and tranquility of nature at its finest.

tallowy sim card mobile phone

Telaway packages vary for the amount of time and level of service you require for your trip and their support team was excellent when we couldn’t connect at first. All you need to use a Telaway Sim card is an unlocked phone and they send everything to you at home before you set off on your trip.

We didn’t realise how important it would be for us to be constantly connected with our loved ones until we got here. It doesn’t feel like we are 3000 miles way from home and has made it so much easier to enjoy ourselves and share our amazing experiences.

If you’re heading to the USA, definitely use a Telaway sim card. Next stop for us is Fiji, New Zealand and Australia – so if you have any advice for us on how we can use our phones there, then please leave us a comment below!

  • So happy I’ve found your blog! I’m taking a two and a half week trip to do the West Coast next year and I know for definite that I won’t be able to/won’t want to use my phone abroad. It’s important that we’re able to phone for help if needs be or for accommodation purposes. We were looking at purchasing a ‘burner’ with a pre-paid SIM but I actually really like the sound of Telaway. Was it everything you were expecting? And did you have any slight issues with it?

    • I would definitely recommend Telaway – just make sure you get your phone unlocked before you go 🙂 most UK carriers will do it for around £15, you just need to call them beforehand (at least 2 weeks before you go away). We had a small issue when we arrived as the credit hadn’t loaded properly, but one email to Telaway and it was sorted within a couple of hours. After that it was perfect – just like using our phones at home. x x x