How To Get To Rabbit Island In Japan

Can you believe there’s actually a place called Rabbit Island in Japan? Well, actually its official name is Okunoshima but thanks to the multitude of cute and fluffy inhabitants, the island has become famous all over the world! It’s been on my bucket list for years, since videos on Youtube emerged of rabbit stampedes towards tourists rattling bags of treats and pellets for them. The rabbits all went running up to people and were climbing all over them. My life! I literally couldn’t cope with the cuteness!

So, on our recent ski trip to Japan we didn’t originally pencil in a day to go to Rabbit island because it was quite far from Tokyo and the ski resort. But I’m probably not going back to Japan any time soon and I’m a massive believer of making the most of every opportunity. Therefore, Rabbit Island was soon enough a firm fixture on our agenda and boy was it worth it!

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I say this, because it’s a bloody hassle to get to involving multiple trains and a boat, however once you’re surrounded by the cute fluffiness and can watch wild rabbits acting like house cats; it’s so so worth travelling to get there.

I googled ‘How To Get To Rabbit Island’ loads of times before we went, gathering ferry timetables and train routes in order to make our journey as efficient as possible. However when we got there, the ferry timetable i’d found was out of date!! So I knew this blog post was an absolute must in order to let you guys know the current (2017) timetable and stop you from having to wait 2 hours for the boat like we did.

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How To Get To Rabbit Island From Hiroshima

Total Journey Time: 2 Hours

The easiest way to travel Japan is by train, so my recommendations on how to get to rabbit island will all focus on train travel!

Ok, so from Hiroshima Station you want to head to Tadanoumi Station. You won’t see this on the boards there, so instead look for the Tokaido Shinkansen towards Shin-Osaka. You will be getting this train towards Mihara station which is around 30 minutes away on the bullet train.

Get off at Mihara station and now you have to go to the JR (local train) lines. Here, you need to catch the next train heading towards Hiro on the Kure Line.

Get on this train and around 40 minutes later you’ll be at Tadanoumi station (you’ll recognise it as the right one from the bunny cartoon on the sign!).

Then you need to exit the station and head across to Tadanoumi port. It’s a 3 minute walk and very well sign posted so you can’t miss it!

Buy your ferry ticket in the little office and stock up on rabbit pellets – you can even leave your suitcase or luggage here if you need to, like we did. (Costs 500 yen).

Then wait for the ferry! It takes 12 minutes to get across to the island and here is the most recent timetable:

rabbit island ferry timetable

The First time (in grey) is when the ferry sets off from Tadanoumi port. It arrives at Rabbit Island 12 minutes later (the middle time on the left hand column). The 3rd time shown is the next stop, if the ferry continues on.

On the right hand column, it shows what time the ferry leaves from rabbit island in grey. The arrival time in Tadanoumi is therefore the 3rd column.

bunnies fed on rabbit island rabbit cluster on rabbit island

How To Get To Rabbit Island From Osaka

From Osaka, the journey is slightly longer – but don’t be put off! You can get to Rabbit Island within 3 hours.

Get on the Tokaido Shinkansen at Shin-Osaka station (there’s Osaka station AND Shin-Osaka station, so make sure you’re at the right one!) towards Hiroshima (Or Kagoshimachuo).

The journey is around 1 hour until you arrive at Fukuyama station. There change trains to get on the JR train towards Mihara (San-Yo Line). The journey is around 40 minutes.

You the change at Mihara to get on the Kure line towards Hiro; Tadanoumi station is only 25 minutes or so down the line.

When you get off at Tadanoumi follow the steps above to get to the port!

how to get to rabbit island rabbit island bridge bunnies on rabbit island

I found it really useful to get a Japanese sim card while I was in Japan, as it enabled me to have full 3G service wherever we travelled and I could easily check the times of trains using Google. For more tips on train travel, read this post on travelling by train and subway in Japan.

Also, you HAVE to watch this vlog from our day on rabbit island to appreciate just how adorable all the little bunnies are!



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