How Much To Budget For Hideout Festival

So you’ve booked to go to the best festival in Croatia! Amazing, i’m totally jealous right now because Hideout Festival really is one of a kind and the whole island of Pag and Zrce beach is like something out of an epic biblical story. Surrounded by mountains and sea and feeling the blazing hot sun while you party to some of the best music on the planet really is the experience of a lifetime and you will absolutely love it all!

In my post about tips for your first time at Hideout, I started to get a lot of questions and emails about what to budget. So I thought I’d write a little something here, to give you an idea about how much money you’ll need for your trip.

Important: The Currency in Croatia is KUNA – not Euros!

How Much To Budget For Hideout Festival


I’m going to start by saying that obviously each and every one of us has a different idea about what a lot of spending money and the definition of ‘expensive’, so I’m not going to recommend a set amount of money in this post, although the average that people take is around 5000-8000 kuna (£550-900). I will tell you that on top of paying for flights and the accommodation for the week, I took £500 worth of Kuna with me and about €50 that I randomly had left over from my last holiday. Although the currency in Croatia is Kuna, but you can sometimes pay for big things (like a hotel room) in Euros or easily exchange Euros in banks.

Currently, the exchange rate from £pound Sterling to Kuna is 8.75 – but when I went the exchange rate was 10 kuna to the pound so was a slightly better exchange rate. Therefore sadly this makes it a little more expensive although very marginally to be honest and you probably wouldn’t notice too much of a difference.

I highly recommend you using a Revolut card to travel while you’re abroad; it always gets you the best exchange rate and means you can use it like a debit card at cash points (With no bank charges!). Read more about the Revolut card here.


Hideout Accommodation

Depending on how luxurious you want to be, the price of accommodation can vary a LOT!

There is camping available, which I believe is quite cheap to do but I would advise against this! Can you imagine how hot a tent will get in 30 degree heat?!

You can stay in apartments in Novelja (the nearest town to Zrce beach and pretty much where everyone stays) for between £200-£600 for the week depending on the standard of accommodation. Book early to get a good deal!


Drinks And Food

The great thing about Croatia compared to other European party destinations like Ibiza, is that it’s still relatively cheap. Again, depending on your tastes you can really make your food and drink expenses as cheap as you like. There’s plenty of shops selling booze and a big supermarket so you can save huge amounts by eating most meals at home and pre drinking.

Obviously there’s some mark up on drinks, but you’re generally going to pay around £3.50 per drink at the festival, unless you get a big yard stick drink which is around £10.

At Zrce beach there are also some fast food places where you can grab a bite to eat from, but you will pay higher prices here than in Novelja itself.

When we went out for meals, we’d generally spend £10 each for a drink and main.


hideout X 2015


I hope you found this post on how much to budget for Hideout festival useful! As ever, if you do have questions just leave me a comment below and i’ll gladly help you.

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  • Bradley Harewell

    Going to hideout 2017 with my gf and both unsure on what’s the best footwear to have for day and night time, any recommendations?

    • Definitely not flip flops! people will accidentally stand on them and 2 of my friends’ flip-flops broke when we were in the crowd. We mostly wore trainers tbh – Zrce beach is pebbly too so it’s easier to walk across it in trainers and your less likely to lose a toenail if someone jumps on you!

  • Shay

    me and my friends will be going to Croatia for 4 days, is changing up £250-£300 enough. we would just be paying for food and drink and transport

    • Hey Shay, yes that should be fine for 4 days! Whereabouts are you going to? As with anywhere, if you eat down the side streets or grab food and buy water in bulk from supermarkets you can save loads of money – I found Croatia can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be! Xx

      • Shay

        Ok then, thank you so much for the advice. that’s helped a lot and we are going to the fresh island festival ?.

        Also, is it better to change up my cash when I get to Croatia or should I exchange it in London?

  • Rachel

    Who did you fly with? Can’t find a cheap flight, and if it is you have to fly for ages!

  • Georgia

    This has been such a helpful wee blog post! Many thanks for this info <3

  • Máire Kate Dempsey

    I’ll be going this year but haven’t bought tickets yet, just wondering if the VIP upgrade is worth the extra money??