Healthy Brunches In Bondi

Bondi is famous for its beach, its surf and of course, its brunch. In fact, since moving to Sydney I have never gone out to eat breakfast as much in my life! Back in the UK, it’s all about dinner. In Bondi, and Sydney and well, most of Australia; it’s brunch that sits at the top of your social calendar each weekend.

Obviously there are a lot of bottomless brunches to enjoy (reviews to follow!) but what i’ve really been loving since coming out here is the abundance of healthy choices available at so many cafes here. Even the cafes that aren’t super trendy and hipster serve almond milk. The uber trendy ones even serve macadamia milk – which by the way is fantastic for a cappuccino.

So i’ve spent the last few weeks enjoying many a leisurely breakfast, all for your viewing pleasure. If you’re in Bondi soon, definitely give these places a go when you head out for a world-famous Sydney brunch.

Bellagio Tuck Shop, Bondi Junction

This was my first taste of how fantastic brunch is in Sydney and I think it might still be my favourite cafe of them all. The Bellagio tuck shop is one of five Bellagio cafes dotted around the eastern suburbs. We ate at the one on Bronte Road in Bondi Junction and I ordered a Breakfast Salad, which was made with purple kale, green lentil falafels, sweet potato and curried coconut. I was on the fence about ordering it for ages because i’m not that keen on too heavy flavours first thing in the morning, but my god i’m glad I did. Not only was it absolutely delicious, I felt light and energetic after eating it – unlike heavy bacon rolls that often make you want to crawl back into bed! The Breakfast Salad is one you could eat at any time of day, but I 100% recommend you try this for your next brunch.

bellagio tuckshop bondi

Ruby’s Diner, Waverley

Down the road from Bellagio Tuck Shop on the way to Bronte Beach is Ruby’s Diner. This is the place where I discovered macadamia nut milk cappuccinos and the fact that people in Sydney will queue out the door for a good brunch.

Ruby’s has a great menu selection, with favourites such as bacon, egg and sourdough to more creative dishes such as poached egg with pea and zucchini fritters, coconut chilli eggs and pistachio and quinoa granola.


rubys diner waverley

Speedo’s Cafe, North Bondi

If you want an instagrammable brunch, then Speedo’s is the place for you. This food here is the stuff of Instagram dreams. Seriously, they have the most incredible looking Acai and Mermaid bowls here, all decorated with flowers and made to look picture perfect. Sadly I didn’t go for a crazy coloured bowl on my visit, but my pea and zucchini bruschetta was also ridiculously good looking and great tasting too.

Speedo’s cafe also has the most amazing view of Bondi Beach, as it’s on a little hill at the north end of Bondi on Ramsgate avenue. Grab a seat outside and you’ll be able to watch the waves, surfers and think yourself super lucky for your current situation.


speedos cafe bondi breakfast

Harry’s, Bondi Beach

I kind of found Harry’s by accident, when I was walking back down the hill from North Bondi and looking for somewhere to eat breakfast. In Bondi, you’re not short of places to eat a good breakfast, but there was something about Harry’s that called to me and I’m very glad I followed that calling!

With cool, quirky decor, a lot of outdoor seating and absolutely amazing coffee; this little joint is a great place to come for brunch/lunch or dinner. Harry’s is an all rounder, with a diverse menu that’s sure to satisfy everyone in a large group.

Although I was definitely tempted by the strawberry bircher muesli with natural yoghurt and saffron pear, I ended up choosing the quinoa and feta fritters served with the zestiest, most creative salad i’ve ever eaten. There was grapefruit, cashew nuts, kale and an incredible dressing packed with flavour. Honestly, unreal. Pleas excuse the pool quality iPhone photo, my camera tragically ran out of battery when I went to take this!

harrys bondi

About Life, Bondi Junction

They may have a terrible website, but this place sure knows how to do a good whole food breakfast (and bacon sandwich, as James was delighted to discover).

The cafe in Bondi junction is bustling with people going about their weekend, dressed down in activewear and idly sipping their coffees, because hey, life is good when you’re brunching here, I can tell you.

About Life also have an added health food and grocery store, where you’ll need to take out a mortgage to afford the avocados, but it’s all organic so that’s ok.

about life bondi junction


These are my top picks of breakfast spots that i’ve found so far! If you know of anywhere I should try/add to this list, then let me know in the comments. You know me, I don’t need much of an excuse to go and eat out especially when it’s brunch!