Guest Post: Novum Crafts Headdresses

´Confidence is the best outfit – but a cute headdress never hurts´

First of all who doesn´t admire a Native American headdress? We were always in awe by the Indigenous Native American lifestyle and their cultural heritage. Admiring it so much and also because we wanted to breath new life into the old Native American spirit we decided to share these beautiful feather headdresses with the world. Novum Crafts is located in Bali which is also called ´The Island of the Gods´. Bali has it´s own mesmerizing vibe and an almost magical spell which inspires our extremely talented Indonesian artists to create the most stunning feather headdresses and other handmade crafts. Our Balinese artists create unique items as no two feather headdresses look the same due to their organic material as we use exclusively real leather and hand-dyed feathers. We take pride in bringing a rare craftsmanship back to life and in swimming against the current in a world where mass-produced pieces have turned into the norm. We´re also happy to say that we created full-time jobs for our local artisans and that we pay them fair wages which helps them to provide for their families. Also they can continue to make their passion their profession which is obviously the best way to pursue a career.

We´re always swooning over pictures that customers share with us when they wear our headdresses on parties, festivals and raves or when they use them for photoshoots.

We think our feather headdresses are a beautiful way to remember the native American culture and still to step out in style for a special event where you´ll have all eyes on you as our Indian headdresses are truly head turners.


Guest Post by Novum Crafts

Photos by Sylvie and Steph


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Thank you to Novum Crafts for these beautiful headdresses and guest post. If you like this post, check out our Summer Lookbook with We Love Pixie