Five Reasons To Try BarreCore

Ok, so some of you might be wondering what on earth Barrecore is, so let me summarise. Barrecore is the brainchild of Niki Rein a former protégée of Tracy Anderson (you know, Gwyneth Paltrow’s personal trainer with the tiniest, leanest body ever) and is like a mash-up of ballet and pilates.

When I say ballet, I don’t mean prancing around in a tutu doing crazy leaps in the air either, but rather working out at the barre and strength training your core in a traditional dance style.

I’ve heard of Barrecore a lot, but sadly there’s never been anywhere to try it in Leeds… until now! Barrecore has now come to Sweaty Betty (in the Victoria Quarter) and is one of the most rewarding workouts I’ve ever tried.

I’ve now been to three classes and am officially a convert. So in case you have any reservations, here are my 5 top reasons to try Barrecore and incorporate it as part of your workout routine.

Barrecore is designed to give you long, lean muscles.

I mean come on, have you seen ballet dancers? They are fit AF. So if long, lean muscles and a perfectly toned body are what you’re after, then Barrecore is definitely your friend.

barrecore lunge

It’s completely different from any other workout.

Unlike the squats, lunges and burpees you’ll do in a HIIT or Bootcamp class, the movements in Barrecore are tiny! You wouldn’t believe how hard your muscles have to work to do teeny tiny lifts, but you’ll be shaking and then aching for days. (Yes this is a good thing – it means you’re burning a shit ton of calories)


the pretzel

There’s no ‘cardio’ but your heart rate will sky rocket.

Let’s face it, the treadmill is boring. Don’t get me wrong, I love running but only when it’s outside in the fresh air, however hours and hours of cardio aren’t good for your body or weight loss efforts. Barrecore is amazing therefore because it increases your heart rate, but doesn’t break down your muscles – it builds them.


face of pain

It’s great for runners.

As the name suggests, the classes focus a lot on building core strength and stability. You’ll work the gluteus medius and deep core muscles, which will massively improve your running form. Many of the movements I’ve actually done in physio therapy sessions, so I knew they were legit!

barre core abs


You get fast results.

You’re meant to see results after four classes, but I could already feel them after two. If you want to get stronger, fitter and leaner, you will love Barrecore.

barrecore barrecore barrecore studio leeds


If you want to find out more about Barrecore in Leeds, here’s a little link. Let me know what you think!