Exploring Maker’s Market, Knutsford

On my recent weekend away at The Mere Hotel in Cheshire, we had a chance to explore the gorgeous nearby town of Knutsford, which was a favourite haunt of David and Victoria Beckham when he was playing at Manchester United. It’s easy to see why; although Knutsford is a charming and quaint British town, with cobbled streets and historic buildings reminiscent of Ye Olde England, it has a plethora of brasseries, cafes and shops that are not exactly typical for your average high street:

mclaren knutsford

After finding somewhere to park, we wandered into the town centre and happened upon what looked like a farmer’s market on the main high street. How lucky we were to have stumbled upon Maker’s Market, which comes to Knutsford on the first Sunday of every month and is a collection of stalls featuring food, art, design and live music.

The artisan stalls of Maker’s Market line Princess street and are a delightful collection of sugar, spice and all things nice! My absolute favourite pastime at markets such as this is being able to try everything on offer and i’m pleased to report that all the stall owners were very accommodating of my gluttony!

What made Maker’s Market all the more special was the live band that play at the end of Princess Street. With a selection of maracas and tambourines laid out for children to play and join in the music, the band collect money for worthy causes such as Cancer Research. Music has a way of bringing people together and the sense of community present at Maker’s Market was extremely touching. The organisers provided deck chairs for people to sit on and enjoy the band, whilst children sang and danced along to legendary tunes such as Wonderwall. I’ll never forget this moment and it was wonderful to have been a part of something that was such an unexpected addition to a farmer’s market!

2015-04-05 12.00.21 2015-04-05 11.59.16

I got a bit snap happy wandering the stalls of Maker’s Market in Knutsford. Everything just looked so delicious and picture perfect, I had to photograph it!

I hope you enjoy my pictures from the day,  it’s making me hungry just looking at them again!


maker's market bath stall


Olive Oil Maker's Market

Treats Maker's Market

Olives Makers Market

art knutsford

tea knutsford

cupcakes knutsford

gluten free market

coffee knutsford

 macaroon stall


gin and tonic

pork pies


milk truck


2015-04-05 12.01.32

2015-04-05 11.58.07

2015-04-05 11.55.08

2015-04-05 11.54.11

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  • Thank you so incredibly much for writing this beautiful blog about our Knutsford Market! We love putting on this monthly event and were so thrilled to read what you wrote about the music and community and how you’d enjoyed it! Thank you and please keep in contact, Vicky, The Makers Market

    • Sylvie Hall

      Thank you for such a wonderful market! I will certainly be coming again 🙂 x x