Exploring Fiji: Go Pro Footage

Visiting Fiji on our travels was a dream come true. Particularly travelling around the Yasawa island group, which totally cements Fiji’s reputation as island paradise. With unspoilt beaches and no huge resorts dominating the beautiful landscape, our time on the Yasawas was pure tranquility, relaxation and bliss.

It’s a really stripped back experience, with none of the commercial comforts we come to expect from holiday resorts in the western world. On these islands you won’t find shops, restaurants and bars; only little beach huts and hammocks blowing gently in the sea breeze. They are mostly family and Fijian run and offer visitors an authentic and back to basics island adventure. Here you spend your days sunbathing, hiking, snorkelling and kayaking, with meal times a family affair. We were even lucky enough to visit during the Manta Ray season and got to swim with the Mantas one morning.

Check out my GoPro footage of our time in Fiji here:



To find out more and plan your adventure to Fiji and the Yasawas, click here.

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Sylvie x

  • Fabian Wanner

    I like your video. It really takes me back =) I’ve been to fijis as well 5 years ago. We went island hopping at the yasawa islands – unbelievable beautiful – i liked it better than hawaii. anyways u r a big inspiration. =)