Do’s and Don’ts For Running In Winter

Cold, wet and windy mornings are not the conditions you dream of going for a pre-breakfast run in, or any run for that matter. But what I realised while I was travelling, is that exercising and exerting yourself is hard, no matter where you are or what the weather’s like. Of course there are favourable conditions that make it a little more pleasant, but even an idyllic beach run has it’s problems; you’re too hot, the sand falls away at your feet and you keep getting your trainers wet from overly large and enthusiastic waves.

Let’s face it, any run can be hard work, so don’t let a little rain and cold deter you from achieving your fitness goals. In fact, there are some really easy ways to make these winter runs a bit more comfortable.


Do’s and Don’ts For Running In Winter


Invest in some winter activewear for a start! You don’t want to be wearing any old gym clothes when you’re heading out for a run at this time of year and dressing smart makes a world of difference to your comfort levels.  I love this windproof jacket from Forever21 as it’s waterproof yet breathable – some waterproof jackets make you feel like you’re wearing a tent hot box, but I’ve found this jacket to be an absolute lifesaver.

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Wear Cotton. 

It’s probably the worst fabric to wear on a rainy day as it’s so absorbent. You will most likely return home absolutely drenched and the worst part is, it will make running even harder as it weighs you down when it gets wet.


Build a motivating winter workout playlist.

I love Spotify for this as you don’t actually have to buy any songs and can listen to pre-made playlists. Make them ‘Available Offline’ while you’re in a wifi zone and it won’t zap all your data either.



Dread going for your run.

It’s mind over matter 100% of the time and if you have a negative attitude towards working out you will not enjoy it or give it your all. Remind yourself of your goals and think positively, you’ll thank yourself for it both during and after. I love the saying “No one regrets the workout they did, only the workout they didn’t do”.



Wear gloves and a headband.

It’s cold outside and you lose heat from your head the fastest! I always wear a warm headband when I run outside in the winter. If I get too hot during the run I sometimes take it off and put it in my pocket but it’s always good to have – just in case. My fingers are always freezing so gloves are an absolute must for me too!



Forget to hydrate!

When you’re not sweating buckets you can sometimes forget to drink, but it’s still really important to drink loads of water while working out in winter too. Your muscles perform 70% better when they are hydrated so make sure you’re getting enough H2O.

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Outfit Details:

High Impact Zipper Sports Bra

Active Windbreaker Jacket

Marble Print Leggings

Seamless Racerback Tank

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What are your tips for running in winter? Leave me a comment below 🙂