Byron Bay: Cheer up, Slow down, Chill out

Byron Bay has been on my bucket list for years. Along with the rest of Australia really, but this place in particular captured my heart and imagination long before i’d even set foot in it.

When we did get there, we couldn’t stop walking around open mouthed and absorbing everything this little beach town has to offer. Byron has an incredible atmosphere; there’s so much energy and positivity flowing from every nook and cranny in the street not to mention its eccentric people and the colourful art that will happily surprise you where you’d least expect to find it. Of course, a lot of its charm comes from the fact that music is always playing from somewhere (or someone) in Byron; by hipster guys with electric guitars on the roof of their cars; by buskers and hippies with dreadlocks that could sweep the floor and even the harmonious chatter of friends meeting for coffee that floats from the many bars and cafes lining the streets.

It’s safe to say i’ve fallen in love with Byron. It’s charming, it’s beautiful and it’s full of tie-dye and harem pants.
byron bay sign


So what is there to do here? Well here are my must-do Byron Bay activities:

1. Head to the beach!

There’s a lot of beach for you to choose from, with Belongil (where you can find The Wreck), Main beach and Clarkes beach nearest the town and Watego’s beach nearer the lighthouse. Set up your towels for day, grab yourself a coconut and oggle at the gorgeous surfers while working on your aussie sun tan.

2. Walk up to the Lighthouse

The Byron Bay lighthouse and Cape Byron are the most easterly point of Australia. The sun rises here before anywhere else in Australia and it’s a truly magical spot.

3. Yoga at Ananta

With all the peace and love on every corner, doing some yoga to relax your body and mind is essential while you’re in Byron. After lots of travelling, your hips and hamstrings will surely be very tight and we loved doing a yoga class every afternoon at Ananta Yoga Studio. They offer a 7 day unlimited pass for travellers that costs only $45 (a drop in session is normally $17) – bargain!

For the class timetable, click here.

4. Check out The Brewery

The Brewery is a really cool venue just outside the town that hosts regular nights with DJs, live music and all day sessions. We went down for a Sunday Safari event and it was one of the best nights we had here! All the beer is made in house and they also serve food.

5. Visit the Crystal Castle

The botanical gardens and peaceful walks of Crystal Castle are about a 20 minute drive out of Byron but well worth a visit. The crystals are truly magnificent and with beautiful walks through the most incredible smelling and beautiful flowers imaginable, it’s a memorable day out that was thought-provoking and unique.

crystal castle

6. People watch

Sitting at Byron Fresh Cafe on Jonson Street was one of my favourite afternoons. I watched the world go by, enjoyed a pot of Jasmine Green tea and listened to some of the most beautiful singing i’ve ever heard. The buskers in Byron are really talented musicians. Take some time to listen to their music and I promise it will make you smile.

byron gem shop


byron bay surfer


Where to Stay:

There’s loads of backpacker hostels here, but the best way by far to do in Byron Bay is in a vintage VW Kombi Campervan!

We rented ours from based in the Gold Coast and got a beautiful, fully refurbed, 1974 Kombi called Mollie that we absolutely fell in love with.

Just look at her!

kombi campervan


kombi campervan

She even came with this cute windscreen covers with lazy eyes hehe!

Paul from Hire A Dub gave us a full lesson in how to drive her before we set off (no power steering!!) and was always available for us to call when we couldn’t figure out how to open the boot.

Mollie was extremely comfortable to sleep in and came with everything we could possibly need and didn’t think of bringing ourselves, i.e. bedding, cutlery etc! We also felt very smug at all the admiring glances and calls of ‘nice dub’ when we took her out for the day.

For more info on hiring a classic Kombi for your Australia road trip, check out Hire a dub. For some weird reason, it’s hard to get hold of classic camper vans, but after much googling i’m glad to say we were onto a winner.


kombi campervan

kombi campervan


campervan selfie

ananta yoga

ananta yoga

byron bay guitar


What was your favourite thing about Byron? Leave me a comment below!


Lots of love, Sylvie x