A Girl’s Guide To Partying In Las Vegas

Planning a trip to Las Vegas is always laced with excitement, expectation and anticipation. It’s nicknamed Sin City for a reason and as well as the many huge attractions at the grandiose hotels, opulent casinos and blockbuster shows; partying is high on the agenda for everyone that comes to Vegas!
With no expense spared, the clubs are epic; from the chandeliers dripping with Swarovski crystals at The Cosmopolitan, to the multi-pool extravaganzas of Encore, Drais and XS at The Wynn; Las Vegas clubs are like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Being a girl always has its advantages, but especially so in Vegas. Here are our top tips for Partying in Las Vegas:

1. Get In Free Everywhere

Entry prices are normally pretty steep, but luckily if you are a girl and can get to the pool party before 1pm and the club before 12-1am, you can get in free! You’ll need to meet a promoter, of which there are plenty lining the Strip. We met a hilarious guy called Curtis who sorted us with guestlist for the whole time we were there. Tell him Sylvie and Steph sent you – he probably won’t remember who we are though!
Some clubs now operate a 1:1 ratio whereby guys can also get in free so long as they come with girls so it’s definitely worth meeting a good promoter that can sort the guest list for you all.

2. Get Free Drinks

Make sure when you’re sorting your guestlist for each night that you’re entitled to free drinks tokens. Some clubs offer it and some don’t, so the polite way to ask is ‘are ladies getting any special deals tonight’.
If you do get tokens, you’ll be entitled to 2 free drinks, however Tao offers free drinks for Ladies every night between 11-12 so head down early!
Drinks can be super expensive in the big clubs so it’s also highly advised to pre game before you head out. There’s lots of supermarkets where you can buy spirits and mixers on the strip and to our great excitement; American red party cups!

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You can also get free drinks by playing on the slot machines. Our trick was to play on the 25c machines, bet $5 and sit there playing until the waitress came round asking what we’d like. A drink would normally cost you upwards of $12 and you can get as many as you like, so even though you’re gambling, this is definitely a cheaper way to get drinks – and hey, you might just win the jackpot.

3. Use a service such as Sin City VIP Hosts

We met Devo on our 3rd night in Vegas and wish we’d met him on our first. His company provide an all inclusive party package for groups including bottle service and tables. Definitely check this out if you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas – he made our weekend!

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4. Pool Party Do’s and Don’ts

  • Don’t take your Go Pro or camera, they won’t be allowed in although phones are ok.
  • Do Look Good. But Don’t make too much of an effort – you’ll probably get wet!
  • Don’t wear a loose fitting bikini – chances are it could come off while dancing!
  • Do get on the guest list, but remember to get in before 1pm to guarantee your free entry!

5. Remember What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas

So go wild! and Enjoy 😉


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