7 Things You Didn’t Know About Pet Rabbits

1. Rabbits do NOT make great pets for small children. They are probably the worst pet you could buy for your child, for many reasons including the fact that rabbits hate being picked up and cuddled. When Rabbits are lifted from the ground and held, they feel like they have been captured and will scratch and kick to get away. This is a survival tactic which is deep-rooted as Rabbits have always been (and will continue to be) a prey species. Your little cherub will only want to ‘cud-dell da fluffy bunnneee’ but da fluffy bunnee will definitely not want to cuddle with you! On top of this, rabbits are high maintenance and their living area needs to be cleaned daily – sometimes twice. Your seven year old will not be doing this and if you have a seven year old, you probably  won’t have the time. Get them a soft toy instead!


See http://www.eddyrambo.com/for the heartbreaking story of Phoebe the rabbit, who was mishandled and abused by children.



2. Rabbits can live cage free in your home! In fact, this is one of the best ways you can socialise your rabbits and enjoy their company. Did you know hutches were originally designed in the Victorian times to store rabbits in that were going to be butchered and then eaten?! I’m pretty sure this isn’t your plan for your little bundle of fluff so please do not just buy them a hutch.


If your rabbit is living outside then of course a hutch with a big run attachment is suitable and provides them with lots of room to exercise! If you keep them indoors, be sure to bunnyproof your home. (Keep your eyes peeled for my next post on Bunny Proofing)




3. Rabbits are highly intelligent. They need lots of new mental stimulation, toys and places/things to explore to keep them occupied. If they get bored they can become depressed which may make them aggressive towards you. Give those buns some fun!





4. Rabbits should be kept in pairs. If you look at bunnies in the wild, they live in warrens with many other bunnies. It is in their nature to be social animals and it’s cruel to keep them on their own with little interaction time. Also, do not think that a rabbit and guinea pig make a good pair! That would be like someone keeping a human and a monkey together as pets for company – completely different animal!! Would you like to be cooped up with a monkey all day? Neither would Bunny.





5. True or False, rabbits can eat all vegetables and love carrots all day long? FALSE!! A very common misconception of rabbits is that carrots are a staple part of their diet. This is not true. Carrots are packed with natural sugars which can be harmful to your bunny if consumed in large quantities. It should be fed as a treat only on occasion. There are also many vegetables that are not good for a rabbit’s digestive system and could kill them. One of these is Iceberg lettuce.


For a comprehensive list of bunny-friendly vegetables, see here:



6. Rabbits do happy dances! When a bunny is happy, they do a jump and twist movement called a Binky! It is the most adorable thing to see and one of the highlights of keeping rabbits as pets. They only do binkies when they are really really happy and it’s the most heartwarming thing to see.


7. Something you may suspect, but that I will confirm:

You will fall completely and utterly head over heels in love with them.


House Rabbits


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