5 Reasons To Go To The Cocktail Experience

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know I love cocktails. If you’re new here; let me tell you that cocktails are one of the little things in life that give me the greatest joy. To my absolute delight therefore, there’s a new event coming to Leeds on 14th October… The Cocktail Experience.

Thirteen of Leeds’ best bars will be under one roof, having all created a signature cocktail using their favourite spirit. I went to sample them at a preview evening last week and can confirm that they are all AMAZING; but here are 5 of the reasons why you need to go to The Cocktail Experience this month:


1. The Fogwork Orange Cocktail

When I read the description for what this cocktail was, I was dubious as hell. Coffee, gin and orange with chocolate bits? Is this real life?

No, it is not real life. It is heaven. Heaven in a delicately cut glass served by the fine gents of Pintura Basque Kitchen. I could go on endlessly about how incredible this cocktail is, but I want you to experience it for yourself. Sadly, it’s not on the menu at Pintura, but I’m pretty sure after the night we’ll be starting a petition to get it on there permanently!

fogwork orange cocktails

2. Thirteen Bars Under One Roof

So the thing about October is, it’s cold. It’s also that transitional month where you’re still slightly delusional about temperature and clinging onto the hopes of summer like a whiny ex girlfriend. That’s why having thirteen of the best Leeds bars all pitching up in the same room is pretty genius if you ask me. No trekking in the rain from Merrion street to Call lane or waiting for an Uber that never comes – result!


cocktails alchemist

3. The Venue

Speaking of that room, the venue itself is stunning. The Cocktail Experience will be held at Aspire this year, on Infirmary Street (round the corner from Restaurant Bar & Grill) and will host three rooms of decadent drinks, glamorous décor and cocktail masterclasses by Leeds’ finest mixologists.

cocktail experience


4. A Welcome Change From The Usual

If you’re feeling a bit stuck in a rut with your weekend routine, The Cocktail Experience offers something entirely new and different. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again; where else can you indulge in the cocktails of Leeds’ most premium bars, including The Maven, The Alchemist, Pintura and Oracle all under one roof.

brotherhood cocktails


5. It’s on a Friday!

So you’ll have ALL weekend to recover…


cocktail experience

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