30 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Japan

People who have visited Japan will tell you that it’s a place like no other, a country so unique in its culture and beauty that you’ll feel completely alien and astounded in equal measure. The charms of Japan took hold of me from the minute we walked through the airport and out onto the concourse. The mad rush of people, lights, colours and cartoon mascots for anything from toilet paper to directions immediately captivated me.

From the cute jingles that play to alert you a train is approaching to every time a shop assistant bowed when taking our card payments, I completely fell in love with how respectful and polite the Japanese culture is. If Thailand is the land of smiles, the Japan is the land of joy…and also confusion, because English is not widely spoken here as you (foolishly and arrogantly) come to expect from foreign countries!

Here are some of my favourite photos from my time in Japan, which I hope will inspire you to plan a trip yourself! If you need any tips for Japan, check out the Japan section of my blog.

 shibuya crossing tokyo night

tokyo golden gai bars

tsukiji fish market tokyo

tokyo sunrise beautiful
snow and forest japan nozawa onsen

snowboarders japan

blossom tree

japan bird house

geisha hair

prayer in kyoto

shrine in kyoto

kyoto gion blogger

geisha face

hiroshima bay

matcha swiss roll

snow monkeys having onset


snow monkey cute


foot onset nozawa onsen


old and new japanese culture

Japanese Girl

japan snow awesome

rabbit island japan

rabbits on rabbit island

Want to see more from my trip to Japan and explore in more detail? Check out the videos on my Youtube channel, where I’m currently adding advice on where to eat, how much things cost and what to pack for your visit!


30 reasons to visit japan