20 Reasons To Travel Australia (in Pictures!)

I could write endlessly about how much I loved travelling in Australia, but seeing as pictures speak a thousand words, here’s an album’s worth of photos to show you exactly why you need to visit this incredible country!

20 Reasons To Travel Australia

The Beautiful Blossoms

I never realised until visiting Australia that there would be such extraordinary plant life. I’d always envisioned Australia to be a red desert, but that’s only in certain places (Like Ayers Rock). Many areas on the East Coast are luscious and green, especially as you head further north where there’s more of a tropical climate.



The Turquoise Sea

What could be more idyllic than sailing on the aquamarine waters of the Pacific Ocean. That’s exactly what we did when we spent three days exploring the Whitsunday islands and Great Barrier reef by sailing boat…. heaven.


australia whitsundays

The Stunning Beaches Everywhere

Australia is one of the most naturally beautiful places I’ve ever visited. The rugged landscapes and beautiful beaches are  free for you to enjoy without hordes of people all over the place.



The Sunsets In Western Australia

I envy those who live in Western Australia. Here, the people can come to the beach every night and watch the sun cascade its golden light across the Indian Ocean.


perth sunsets

The Acai Bowls

Coming to Australia changed my life. I discovered Acai bowls and became literally obsessed with them! I make Acai bowls all the time now, but none compare to the colourful masterpieces of the Acai Bowl bars in Australia..



acai bowls


Just north of Brisbane on the East Coast of Australia, is Noosa – a picturesque and beautiful coastal town with incredible walks, beaches, bars and restaurants. It’s one of the only places in Australia where you can spot Koalas in the wild and we were lucky enough to see two!



koala sightings noosa

Kangaroos At Australia Zoo

If you want to get real up close and personal with Australian wildlife, then Australia Zoo is the place to do it. Here you can feed the Kangaroos and cuddles Koalas! The most unforgettable day…



Koala Cuddles!

Without a doubt, my favourite photo of all time… cuddling April the Koala was absolutely amazing. I have a newfound love for Koalas after visiting Australia.. they are just so cute and sleepy looking! (They also sleep for 90% of the day… sounds like my kinda species)


koala australia


The Beach In The City

Brisbane is home to Streets Beach, the largest man-made beach within a city. It has real sand and salt water, but no risk of being stung by a jellyfish (aka Stinger!). Definitely come down here for the day if you head over to Brisbane!


streets beach queensland

Sydney Opera House

The iconic landmark really does give you shivers when you see it for the first time. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve seen it so many times on TV at  New Year’s Eve, but there’s something really special about Sydney Opera House. If you take a water taxi, you can view it from the harbour for a truly stunning photo op.


sydney Opera house

Sydney Full Stop.

I loved Sydney! The city’s life and soul seems to centre on the water, whether it’s going to the beach or heading down the harbour for a boat party. When it’s this stunning, who can blame them.. I can’t wait to go back.


sydney Harbour

Icebergs Pool, Bondi

Is this the most instagrammed swimming pool ever? Probably! But who can blame you for wanting to share the epic and iconic seaside pool that is Icebergs… Don’t tell me you wouldn’t love to be swimming here before grabbing breakfast on a morning…



Breakfasts In Australia

A wise man once told me; if you’re going to spend your backpacker budget on eating out in Australia, then eat out at breakfast. From my own personal experience, I can attest to Australian breakfasts being bladdy brilliant! Smashed Avo and poached eggs on sourdough? Yes please…


breakfasts australia


Whitehaven Beach

Consistently named one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Whitehaven beach is not to be missed on your trip to Australia… Unlike anywhere else, the ultra fine sand on Whitehaven beach is made of 98% silica, which gives it its glowing white colour. Isn’t this just heaven on earth?


whitehaven beach


Feeling Carefree And Adventurous

Hiring a campervan to drive up to Byron Bay in was one of the highlights of my entire year. There’s nowhere quite like Australia for chilled out, sunny vibes… especially when you’re rocking up in a VW Kombi!

travel australia


There’s So Much To See And Do

Australia’s width spans the distance from London to Moscow… crazy right! You definitely realise its humongous size when you travel Australia, with a two hour journey being just ’round the corner’ for Aussies. One thing’s for sure, with such diverse landscapes and activities, you won’t find a minute to get bored here.

australia postcard

Australia Is Rich In History

Beautiful Colonial buildings aside, Australia is rich in a history you’ll be glad you discovered. Learning about the Aboriginal culture and later its oppression, was eye-opening and heart wrenching. Head to the Museum of Sydney or Museum of Western Australia in Perth to learn more… you’ll be glad you did.


aboriginal art

An Aussie Tan Is The Best

Make sure you slap on the factor 50 because the sun in Australia is strong AF! Endless summer and glorious days at the beach… could there be any more reason for you to want to travel Australia? I think not.





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