10 Things I Love About Travelling

Ask anyone what they want more of in life and their answers can range from the superficial and materialistic  (shoes, Krispy Kreme Donuts etc.) to the profound and philosophical . But the one thing that can be found, in someway shape or form on everyone’s bucket list, is Travel. Whether you want a summer holiday, spa break or to go trekking in the back of beyond; travelling make us happy! Here are my top 10 Things I Love About Travelling:


1. Freedom

To me, travelling symbolises freedom. Whether it’s the freedom to explore new places or the freedom from an arduous daily commute, mundane chores or tedious responsibilities; the feeling of freedom that travelling inspires is as addictive as it is thrilling, and one that we yearn to experience again and again.



2. Food

Wherever you go travelling, you are bound to discover new and exciting food and ways of eating that you’ve never seen or heard of before! Street food, weird and wonderful fruit, names of dishes you can’t pronounce – it’s all part of the wonder of discovering the world we live in and so interesting to note how many of our cultural differences are reflected in our eating habits.


Vietnamese Phở

3. Beaches

Nothing beats the feeling of soft sand slipping between your toes as you step onto a new beach. Discovering new beaches, each more beautiful than the next leaves me feeling so inspired and humbled by this beautiful planet.

secret beach ibiza

4. Making New Friends

One of the best experiences you can have travelling are the chance encounters with interesting people and sharing once-in-a-lifetime adventures together. Everyone has a story to tell and travelling allows you to meet people literally a world away from what you’re used to. Listen to their tales, their advice and share yours too.

full moon party

5. Doing things you’d never do back home

Whether it’s hiring a moped, bungee jumping or even just spending time on your own; travelling offers so many exciting opportunities to push you way out of your comfort zone. It’s amazing how it doesn’t feel scary either, just exhilarating!

travelling motorbike

6. It changes you – for the better!

Everyday worries and niggles slip away with the tide and leave behind the fanciest flotsam on the planet: You – care-free, relaxed and happy!


7. You discover amazing history

If your history lessons at school were like mine, you’ll know vague facts about The Vikings and how Henry VIII had six wives, but know very little about Cambodia’s Genocide, Imperial China or South American politics. Travelling allows you to discover cultures and history that weren’t in your text books or curriculum and I strongly believe that learning is more fun when you’re finding things out for yourself! Whether I’m stepping into thousand year old ruins, world heritage sites or taking in nature’s beauty; discovering history gives you perspective for the present.

angkor wat

8. Hotel Rooms!

Jumping on bed, check. Mini bar forage, check. Looking in all the cupboards, Check! Hotel Rooms are so much fun and I love having someone to make my bed everyday! Obviously some guest houses you experience on your travels won’t be this luxurious, but when you do stay in a hotel, it’s very exciting indeed!

hotel bed

9. It looks great on your CV

I know this is an unusual point, but travelling can really enhance your CV when applying for jobs. It’s not just an interesting talking point for interviews but also demonstrates your ability to be independent, adapting to new and unusual situations as well as financial planning skills! Your travels could make you stand out from other graduates, so don’t feel guilty for choosing a summer in Borneo over a  two week internship!


10. You’ll Have So Many More Cool Things To Tell Your Grandchildren

Who doesn’t want to be the crazy old biddy with hilarious tales that everybody loves? What would you rather: ‘Hey kids, I worked a 9-5 and drank myself silly on the weekends, the end.’  or ‘Hey kids, want to hear the story about the time I hiked up to Everest Base Camp when there was a hugely devastating earthquake? (real life story from my parents!). I know which story i’d rather tell, so when I go off on my travels, i’ll be writing about my experiences with a great big smile on my face.

Everest Base Camp

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Please leave me a comment below any reasons to love travelling I haven’t noted above!