What Happens When You Get Back From Travelling…

It sounds kinda crazy doesn’t it? Quitting everything you’ve worked hard for in life to live out of a backpack and have no plans whatsoever.

I think we’re kind of preprogrammed to plan our future. From a very young age, we’re always working towards something whether it’s an exam at school, getting into University or getting a job. It seems extremely counterintuitive to therefore cancel all those plans and our comfortable lives to go and live out of a backpack and not know where we’ll be tomorrow, let alone next week.

But that’s exactly what I did last year. I quit my well paid job, rented out my flat and went travelling. It was without a doubt the best decision I ever made. I crossed off so many things on my bucket list, that I’m now going to have to write a new one and I lived a life of carefree, adventurous bliss where the only person I had to worry about, was me.

I’m now back in the UK, started a business and have a new job which I love. I’m writing this post as I want to reassure you that you don’t need to worry about what you’ll do when you get back, because you will figure it out when the time comes, just as I have. For now, if travelling is something you want to go and do, then make that leap!

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If you’re worried about what future employers or recruiters will think of your time out, then let me tell you this; I couldn’t believe how normal it sounded for me to have taken time off and no one I spoke to batted an eyelid. Some employers even see it as a good thing, because it’s like you’ve got it out of your system. (Although to be honest, as soon as you’ve been travelling you get the bug and it’s never really out of your system!)

I got a job within weeks of applying and my travelling experiences were an amazing and differentiating talking point during interviews. Travelling doesn’t just give you great memories and photos, it also gives you incredible life experience and appreciation of the world we live in.

The one thing that does happen though, are the ‘travelling blues’. When they hit you, they hit you really hard because after months of feeling exhilarated and inspired every day, coming back to normality and the hum drum of every day life can leave you feeling lacklustre. I found the best thing to do is plan little trips and visits to friends you haven’t seen in a while. Find the little things that make you smile and try and do something every day that’s new – whether it’s a new gym class, new recipe for dinner or a new nail colour.

Remember, the biggest regrets in life aren’t the things you did; they’re the things you didn’t do. So what are you waiting for? Book that plane ticket, pack your bags and head off into the horizon for the best adventure of your life.


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